Infrared Sauna & Childcare

Keeping your tiny human alive is an enormous responsibility. This often means there is no time for self-care. With mom & baby sessions we give you both the support you need because life with a baby should feel good!

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About Infrared Sauna & Childcare

Experience one hour of deep relaxation, baby-free.

Your baby/child will be well cared for in my home, while you enjoy the exclusive use of the infrared sauna. Unwind completely as you relax in a separate building on the property.

Amenities include: Zero EMF Infrared Sauna, Bellicon rebounder and everything you need to shower up and feel like the radiant mama that you are.

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What makes
infrared sauna & childcare sessions different:

  • You don’t have to sacrifice your own needs because you are a mom.
  • Childcare you can trust
  • Infrared sauna feels phenomenal! It also improves sleep, detoxifies, and provides lasting relief from pain.

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