Baby Massage

Being born is not easy, neither is early development. That’s why babies need bodywork too. Baby massage helps your baby sleep and relax while supporting development and bonding.

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About Baby Massage

The first few years of life create the health and wellness blueprint for the rest of our lives. Massage, osteopathic techniques and craniosacral therapy support your baby’s optimal development. Treatment is gentle and effective.

Treatment is always helpful after birth and recommended in a variety of situations. Reflux, colic, fussiness, difficulty nursing on one or both sides, flat spots on the head, preference for looking or laying in one position and poor sleep all benefit from treatment.

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What makes
baby massage different:

  • Help your baby heal from birth trauma
  • Feel confident knowing you are supporting your baby’s physical and emotional development
  • Prevent health issues later in life like hyperactivity and learning disability

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