Deep Support
for your Baby Days

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Baby Massage

Support baby’s development, sleep and bonding with massage using a craniosacral and osteopathic approach


Suspension & Massage

Whether you are healing from birth, injury, finding your core or needing transformative relaxation, suspension & massage supports your health goals.


Infrared Sauna & Childcare

Helping you find the time for self-care. Experience deep relaxation and infrared sauna, with child care you can trust.


Sleep Support


Pelvic Floor


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SquamishBABY provides local families with access to the support they need during the challenging baby years so they can overcome their challenges, connect deeply with their baby, and embrace the oh-so-precious baby days.

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Love {Jessica’s} approach for this (sleep). The sleep program has taught us how to support sleep and ensure that everyone feels good and can enjoy the days and the nights. Thanks so much!
Your program was a game-changer for me reframing my thoughts and approach to sleep, focusing on my own self-care and needs ❤️❤️❤️.

– Live.Fit.Mama

I felt you were non-judgemental and offered me a different approach to leaving him to cry. ❤️

– Siobhan


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